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In his adult years, Joel worked in construction as a carpenter.During a phone conversation with Tommy, he mentioned desperately needing to keep his job with a contractor.

It's heavily implied that Joel tortured, deceived and killed several people, becoming a hunter.He adopted tactics such as tricking passerbys in to thinking he was hurt so he, Tommy, and likely others could ambush them when they let their guard down.The pair eventually reached the city of Boston, smuggling themselves in to the city.His job kept him fit, and he also owned a treadmill (seen in his bedroom).Despite his long working hours he still spent quality time with Sarah, as seen in photographs displayed throughout their home showing the two on a cruise, at a carnival with Tommy, and at one of Sarah's soccer matches.

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After losing his daughter Sarah in the outbreak, Joel becomes a ruthless and cynical smuggler eventually tasked with smuggling and protecting Ellie, a young girl who is the key to mankind's survival.

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  1. The context of hooking up may mean getting together under hazy circumstances, after something that ‘just happened’ one night, and then sliding into a longer relationship.” Secondly, and related to the first finding, the researchers note the difficulties of sliding into marriage through a series of lightly taken decisions versus intentionally deciding to marry.